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AND HOW my murmur creations WAS BORN

IMG_6022.jpg by my murmur creations


My name is Dace and I am the creator of my murmur creations which is a small home based business that hand pours beeswax candles in small batches or to order, right here in North Shore Mountains of British Columbia. 

my murmur creations was born out of my personal desire and joy in crafting handmade beeswax candles for family and friends. All inspired by blooming alpine meadows of our Coastal Mountains.

Pouring beeswax candles, accompanied by BossaNova or smooth Jazz rhythms, is my favorite way of finding my Zen. The process that is put into pouring a candle, along with the captivating scent of melting beeswax, helps me in cultivating happiness and peace in my daily life.

I am absolutely delighted that through my murmur this loveliness can now be shared with you, so you can be as happy and peaceful too.

my murmur uses locally sourced 100% pure beeswax. With locally it’s meant – British Columbia and Alberta.


The warm and soothing scent of a pure beeswax candle is our most favorite one. But, because my murmur appreciates the freedom to experiment, we also offer bees wax candles that have been enhanced by incy tiny bit. We supplement bees wax with essential oils. The mix of two completes each other into a heart and home warming scent tones.


I hope you will enjoy these candles as much as I enjoy the process of creating them. 

Warmest Regards,


my murmur creations

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