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Follow these steps: 

  • Collect your glass candle jar.

  • Prepare a pot with water.  

  • Boil the water until it is hot.

  • Place the used candle containers in the pot. 
    Make sure that the water does not enter the jar, because it will make the process a bit harder but not impossible.

  • Simmer slowly until the wax is fully melted. 

  • Use thongs to pick up your jar and pour the wax into the compost bin.  We use 100% bee’s wax which is compostable. Do not pour the wax in the sink, but if you do, make sure you have boiling water to pour with it, otherwise the wax will stick to absolutely everything and then you are down for some cleaning!

  • Wick tabs fall off easily.

  • Simply wipe the glass jar with a dry paper towel or kitchen cloth. Preferably a paper towel.

  • We suggest not to use dishwashing detergent when cleaning the jars, unless you absolutely want it. Why? Because the wax is pure and natural, and you have just boiled the glass jar in hot water – everything that need to will be cleaned away by it. 


* If you feel that there is more residue left in the jar, repeat the process. 
* If you get water in the jar – do not worry, just make sure you use dry cloth to clean it. Dray paper towel will pick up leftover residue.



Easy-peasy lemon squeezy! 
Now you have your own fancy glass jar. Enjoy it!

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