Tiny Nutmeg


    A subtle and natural sweet aroma of honey enhanced with distinctive pungent fragrance of Nutmeg.


    Made from 100% natural white, charcoal filtered beeswax enriched with Nutmeg essential oil.


    The candle is hand poured into a 125 ml Mason jar which comes with a lid that is covered with jute twine. When opened the lid turns into a candle tray, which will help to prevent the candle from heating up the surface it stands on.


    Candle burning time is over 10 hours.


    Each candle is made to order unless it’s already in stock. Please take into consideration, that in order to ensure longer burning period, we cure our candles for about one week.

    Tiny Nutmeg (125 ml)

    SKU: NUTMG006
    • 100% natural white, charcoal filtered, beeswax with Nutmeg essential oil. Candle hand poured in 125 ml Mason jar. Has a cotton wick. Placed in handmade cotton bag with drawstrings.


      -> Every candle listed as ‘out of stock’ is available upon order. We will be delighted to make them for you. To pre-order please contact us via email: mymurmurcreations@gmail.com


      -> Curbside pickup available

      in North Vancouver, BC.