• My Obsidian

    A subtle and natural scent, which evokes the earthy and sweet aroma of honey enhanced with Lavender essential oil, which adds a floral and sweet scent to this candle. The herbal notes along with the balsamic undertones complements the natural beeswax scent just beautifully.

    The 3 x 3 pillar candle is hand poured and made from 100% natural bees wax with hint of organic coconut oil, which improves the melting properties of the wax. And the added sprinkle of natural coconut shell charcoal adds the dark black tone to the candle.

    Candle burning time is over 20 hours.

    Fun fact: black candles are used in absorption and destruction of negative energy. And, activated charcoal is known as a chemical adsorbent, meaning it binds to toxins and chemicals and neutralizes them. Charcoal can have the same toxin-removing effect on the air - like bees wax.


    Each candle is made to order unless it’s already in the stock. Please take in consideration, that we cure our candles for one week, to ensure longer burning period.

    My Obsidian (3x3, ~300g)

    SKU: OBSID001
    • 100% natural beeswax with organic coconut oil and natural coconut shell charcoal. Has a cotton wick. Placed in handmade cotton bag with drawstrings.