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100% pure Canadian beeswax. All Sustainable and nontoxic.

Beeswax is well-known for its capabilities to help facilitate the elimination of airborne pollutants, such as bacteria, dust, allergens and odors.  


Candles made out of beeswax are known to ooze the aroma of honey, which can range from sweet, fresh, or floral to warm, savory or even spicy. The aroma enhances our overall physical and mental well-being by revitalizing the body with increased energy, reducing stress, strengthening focus and helping decrease physical pain.

These valuable characteristics made beeswax a simple and natural choice for us.


We believe you will indulge in the simplicity of these candles as well as their great benefits that will ooze as soon as lit in your special place called home.

​​Each candle is hand poured with love, right here in the

North Shore Mountains of Vancouver, BC Canada.


You might have already noticed the different colors of beeswax. Natural beeswax can range from creamy white to bright yellow and dark brown, but most often it is a shade of yellow. In some cases it might be orange, and even pinkish. The reason for the different color variations is due in part to several things:

One of them being the type of flowers the bees have been foraging on. For example, the wax would be lighter when the bees forage on clover than when they are on buckwheat or fireweed.

The amount of filtration circles the wax has been put through plays another part to the coloring of the beeswax.

The bee race aka types also plays part in the coloring of beeswax. 

Interesting fact – there are different types of bees and each have names of the regions they have originated from, like Italian, Russian, Cordovan, Caucasian and Carniolan, and so on.

Furthermore, the storage conditions can affect the coloring of beeswax. For example, the wax will fade in the sunlight and it will get white in the cold. If your candle ever gets white film around it, it’s because of the storage conditions. You can always heat the candle in the sunshine or blow warm air on it by using a hair-dryer. Exposed to heat it will lose the white film.

Interesting fact – at the very beginning beeswax actually is colorless, almost translucent. It is secreted from the wax glands on the abdomen of the female worker bees. They mix the colorless wax with propolis and pollen, those giving it the well-known golden color. This is when the various possible colors of wax will appear.

So, no two beeswax candle pours will be the same. Color variations of natural beeswax are common and normal.

Unusual colors like green and blue can be achieved by using natural dyes. But white colored beeswax, can be achieved through filtration process. 

my murmur uses natural color and charcoal filtered creamy in color beeswax only. 

The above written serves for information purposes only.

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